Tenant Management

Happy tenants compliments owner profitability

This module delivers tenant and owner benefits through sophisticated back-office and simple mobile applications.

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Key features include

  • Tenants can easily raise tickets:
    • Register complaints and queries
    • Request contract renewals
    • Log maintenance requests
    • Track and monitor the status and delivery dates of tickets.
    • Electronically give feedback on service delivery.
  • For any open ticket (issues, request or query) tenants can:
    • Submit the bespoke
    • Attach Photos
    • Add detail regarding open tickets.
  • Portfolio managers can view and manage open and closed tickets
  • Owners can view and manage open and closed tickets.
  • Mobile, web and backend access to tickets.
  • Graphical reporting on tickets.
  • Tenants can download payment and payment history information.

Enabling the Tenant for improved communications and profitability.

Competitive Real Estate operations must enable tenants to create a “valued tenant” culture.



Key Benefits Include

  • 360 ̊ visibility and control of all open and closed tickets.
  • Improved and timely communication between tenants, portfolio managers and owners.
  • Effective communication between tenants, maintenance and service personnel.
  • Increased effectiveness of personnel
  • Simplify the interaction with tenants and create a “valued tenant” culture.
  • Reduce load on personnel and key resources by enabling tenants to log tickets, track tickets and download key contract information.
  • Increased record tracking and statistics on tenant tickets.