Asset Lifecycle Services

Asset Life Cycle Management (ALM) is an integrated approach to optimize asset acquisition & design, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning. Through ALM the goal is to design and plan:

  • Organizational structure and resource requirements
  • Operating and maintenance strategies
  • Optimized Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Route procedures
  • Work control/forecasting and scheduling processes
  • Equipment configuration, criticality, hierarchy and baseline control rules
  • Purchasing and stores processes
  • Maintenance inventory requirements and optimization
  • Failure, defect and root cause analysis
  • Reliability engineering processes
  • Training plan
  • Start up and commissioning plan
  • Decommissioning plan
  • Executive dashboards with performance baselines and targets

To ensure effective decision-making and to achieve sustainable results, companies must take a holistic approach that addresses not only infrastructure assets, but also the supporting resources, business processes, data and enabling technologies that are critical to their success.

With many years’ experience in the capital-intensive asset industry, our consultants can help you improve business results by optimizing your asset life cycle processes.