OutSystems Platform

One visual platform for all device development.

Build mobile and cloud applications in one visual development platform.

Key features include

  • OutSystems Platform enables you to develop and deploy apps in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid model.
  • Develop once, for all devices
  • Integrate all your existing systems and applications.
  • OutSystems Platform offers a visual development environment.
  • Developers can assemble all components necessary to completely define mobile and web apps, without writing any low- level code.
  • You’ll be able to model User Interfaces, Business Logic, Business Processes, Databases, Integration Components, Web Services, Security Rules and Scheduling activities.
  • It includes wizards to automate the integration of databases, library APIs and popular third party applications such as SAP.
  • It works with Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse.
  • The platform provides version control and configuration management.
  • Operation teams can monitor and audit running applications.
  • Complete dependency analysis across environments and deploying applications

Being Mobile is Everything

One visual development platform to build portable mobile and cloud applications.



Key Benefits Include

  • One platform with all the tools to designs, develop, deploy and manage applications.
  • Develop once for all devices and browsers
  • Use the skills and resources you have
  • Out of the box application source code available for a rapid start
  • Assemble complete applications without writing any low level code
  • Existing integrations for most databases and large applications such as SAP & Salesforce
  • Reduce development time and resource requirements