Manufacturing in is simplest form is the value-add through labour, machinery (equipment) and chemical process to produce merchandise or products. The more complex the product the more complex the process, tools and skills involved to manufacture. Complexity, value and high volumes drive production support staff to limit production line, machine and tool downtime and to maximise product volumes and quality.

Equipment requirements of world-class manufacturing systems have heightened the need for an effective, proactive maintenance. Competitively positioned manufacturing companies emphasize eliminating waste throughout the enterprise. Maintenance are one area where significant improvement can be realized by eliminating the causes and downtime. Tools and techniques like long- and short-term maintenance scheduling, efficient work order management, materials planning, improved manpower utilization, and end-to-end cost management are key elements to achieve this goal.

Purple Preventative Maintenance (Purple PM) is a best-in-breed maintenance module, totally developed and integrated within the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP platform. It deliver comprehensive maintenance forecasting, execution and cost management functionality. All integrated with stock management, production, project management and finance. Read more…