Contract Billing

End-to-End Contract Management

One solution for all contract management; from leases to rentals, SLAs to Vendor. Robust client billing and recovery management.

Key Features included

  • Support different Contract Types:
    • Lease
    • Rental
    • SLA
    • Vendor agreements
  • Best practice templates to simply,
    standardise and fast-track the creation of all agreement types.
  • Extended list of calculation methods such as compound interest and penalties to support different contract scenarios
  • The contract model supports:
    • Master and child contracts
    • Different start and end dates for leases in a master lease.
    • Multi billing lines per contract
    • Payment holidays
    • Payment schedule and cash
    • flow per lease
  • Robust billing engine
  • The solution has been developed in Microsoft’s Dynamics AX platform and offer superior scalability, one integrated platform and ease of use.
  • A HTML5 based mobile applications available.

Complete Instant visibility

The contract and billing solution enables owners, investors, customers and agents to all use one integrated platform, one version of the truth.



Complete Instant visibility

  • One integrated solution for all contract types.
  • More effective resource allocation and visibility.
  • Improved customer communication and retention.
  • Optimized integrated billing and cost recovery.
  • Improved owner relations and reporting.
  • Effective warnings and escalations
  • Integrated document management
  • Quick contract creation via templates.
  • Easy enforcement of corporate rules
    and compliance.