Incident Management

Single-point incident management

Recording, tracking and management of all incidents, agreed resolutions, history and associated information.

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Key features include

  • Central incident register
  • Rich detail recorded per incident – what, where and when
  • Incidents grouped by type, category classification and criticality
  • Capturing of photos of incident scene or reported fault
  • Recording of impact of incident in terms of code, nature and severity
  • Recording of cause of incident
  • Recording of incident resolution
  • Appointment of investigation team
  • Planning of immediate actions
  • Incident tracking and status management
  • Creations of maintenance, service or inspection orders from the incident
  • Auto feedback from linked maintenance, service or inspection orders to the incident
  • Notifications and regulatory reports on incidents
  • Web based, mobile and cloud access

Total visibility

The Incident Management module drives an incident aware culture and enable the reduction of incident costs by streamlining the incident reporting and subsequent rectification and preventive measure processes.



Key Benefits Include

  • Central repository for all reported incidents and their outcomes
  • Reduced manual efforts involved in incident management by integration with maintenance and service order systems.
  • Detail data available for incident analysis and reporting
  • Enables regulatory incident reporting