Asset Management

Centralised property register

One central property register for instant visibility of the entire portfolio enabling all enquiries and operational activities from one place

Key features include

  • Manage all properties in one or multiple companies across multiple geographies.
  • Easy navigation of all properties by portfolio, location, status or owner.
  • Graphical breakdown of properties to unit level
  • Tracking the status of property units in terms of maintenance serviceability and lease availability
  • Notifications and scheduled reports for reminders of lease renewals, maintenance due and incidents reported
  • Comprehensive history of related tenants, incidents, maintenance and leases
  • Management of safety equipment inspections
  • Control all contractual, safety and maintenance documentation.
  • Monitoring of building lifecycle costs and revenues.
  • Web based, mobile and cloud access
  • Comprehensive property management reports

Real time visibility of portfolios

One central point to manage, operate, control and optimise the entire property portfolio



Key Benefits Include

  • Save time by managing several properties at the same time
  • Instant visibility of all properties through hierarchical views and associated information including history
  • Save costs by using one solution for all property types such as residential, retail, office and industrial
  • Manage more effectively by real time monitoring of revenue and cost
  • Better utilisation of company resources
  • Complete life cycle cost management