Construction & Job Cost Management

Creating visibility through integrated projects

The contract and job cost module drives on-time delivery, cost tracking and capitalization of Real Estate construction and upgrade projects.

Key features include

  • Support different project types such as:
    • Time & Material
    • Fixed Price
    • Investment
    • Internal
    • Cost
  • Project hierarchies which can include different project types in the same hierarchy.
  • Cost tracking with regards to:
    • Time (hours)
    • Material
    • Expenses
    • Revenue (Fees)
  • Roll-up of project P&L within project hierarchies.
  • Complete WIP visibility across project hierarchies
  • Completed projects can be capitalised to the Asset Register
  • Integration with Microsoft Projects
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel

Complete visibility “On Time and On Budget”

On time delivery, cost tracking and capitalization of Real Estate projects.



Key Benefits Include

  • Increase visibility on all project expenditure and revenue for labour, raw material, consumables, services and spares.
  • Integrated project profitability and summary reports.
  • Integrated expense tracking
  • Integrated time tracking
  • Purchasing from and for projects
  • Invoicing against a project
  • Automatic asset capitalization from a project
  • Out of the box integration with stock and warehousing.
  • Out of the box integration with finance.