Lease Contract Management System

Lease Management

Versatile and Powerful to Enable Lease Lifecycle Control

The lease module caters for a large variety of lease types, asset types and billing models.

Lease Contract Management System

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Key features include

  • The Lease Management module is a entire Lease Contract Management System that has functionality for:
    • Residential
    • Office
    • Retail
    • Commercial
    • Land
    • a mix of the above
  • The entire lease lifecycle is supported; from creation, quote, management and end-of-lease.
  • A powerful template model enable the easy creation of lease agreements.
  • The lease model supports:
    • Master lease and lease agreements
    • Different start and end dates for leases in a master lease.
    • Multi billing lines per contract
    • Payment holidays
    • Payment schedule and cash flow per lease
  • Access to lease information from mobile application.

Aim to Deliver

The lease module aim to deliver one common platform to effectively manage all your lease agreements throughout the entire lease lifecycle.



Key Benefits Include

  • Increase efficiency with an integrated, cross portfolio, cross asset type solution.
  • Control the entire lease lifecycle.
  • Bulk CPI Escalation updates
  • Support FASB compliance through automated lease accounting schedules
  • Effectively manage Tenant Collections
  • Track critical dates
  • Reduce costs via a common solution to manage tenants, leases and suppliers.
  • Automated payment tracking and visibility.
  • Increase communications across the organization via one integrated solution.
  • Increase lease pipeline visibility.