Budgeting And Forecasting

Simplify and Streamline to Accelerate

The budgeting an forecasting module enable integration across the organisation.

Key features include

  • Automate budget process
  • Consolidated budget model:
    • Corporate Budgeting,
    • Project Budgeting as well as
    • Property / Asset Budgeting
  • Global, Region & Country Budgets:
    • Cross Company
    • Multi Currency
    • Multi Language
    • Multi Escalations for revenue and costs
    • Unlimited number of budgets
    • Unlimited versions of budgets
    • Model revenue, cost and vacancies.
  • Budgets and forecasts based on:
    • Country / City Trends (Market Values)
    • Contracted Values
    • Actual Forecasts
    • Anticipated Market Movements.
  • Integration to Microsoft Excel
    • Extracting budget to Excel
    • Run comparisons in Excel
    • Update in Excel and publish back to Budgeting and Forecasting model.
  • Integration with Corporate Budgets

Simplified multi-level budgeting

The Budget and Forecasting module aims to deliver integrated budgeting and forecasting in a easy to use way


Key Benefits Include

  • Integrated budgeting across all budgeting divisions such as corporate, construction & property
  • Reduce budget cycle times.
  • Streamline your budgeting process through seamless integration.
  • Sophisticated expense planning and budgeting for maintenance
  • Detailed lease forecast and cash flow on asset unit level.
  • Integrated multi version budgeting by region, portfolio or property.
  • Error free collaboration.
  • Standardise budgeting across the organization.