Maintenance Forecasting

Forecasting for budget and execution

Service forecasting and budgeting according to industry best practices ensures timeous maintenance and repairs.

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Key features include

  • Unlimited what-if scenarios
  • Ability to forecast all planned and unplanned maintenance inclusive of corrective, preventive, predictive, safety, and route inspections.
  • Maintenance tasks is automatically allocated to predetermined teams.
  • Graphical display of planned events
  • Future visibility of spares, consumables, services, and internal and external resources.
  • Bulk generation of work orders from maintenance forecast.
  • Ability to suppress and trigger events
  • Multi meter and calendar intervals.
  • Forecast according to various maintenance calendars and non-work periods
  • Forecast events according to planned utilisation of assets
  • Fixed interval as well as last actual occurrence forecasting
  • Forecasting scenarios can be set up to cater for specific forecasting requirements in term of type, owner, location, etc.
  • Planning of soft services such as cleaning, gardening and security

Increased availability through integrated maintenance forecasts

Effective forecasting of maintenance and soft service events for improved budgeting, monitoring and control.



Key Benefits Include

  • Effective service schedule for an integrated total life cycle approach
  • Long term visibility and justification of all resource requirements
  • Reduced service cost through better planning
  • Increased useful life of property
  • Better compliance to health and safety regulations
  • Real time service data visibility
  • Increased visibility through What-if simulations
  • Improved property state through effective maintenance and soft services
  • Improved tenant retention