Finance General Ledger

Integrated Financial Management

Complete access, control and visibility of all financial activities, to enable well informed decisions.

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Key features include

  • Roll up and consolidations across corporate entities and dimensions.
  • Unlimited GL accounts (COA)
  • Detailed drill down capability
  • Multi Currency capabilities
  • Journal entry templates
  • Flexible and detailed analysis
  • Easy import and export
  • Enhanced security
  • Fast and reliable year end procedures
  • Journal approval procedures
  • Allocation based on percentages for accounts and dimensions
  • Extensive tax functionalities for different tax calculations and reporting
  • Budgeting
    • Top down and bottom up
    • Multiple versions
    • Workflow approval process
    • Threshold validations
  • Integration to Microsoft Excel
    • Extracting budget transactions to Excel
    • Run comparisons in Excel
    • Update in Excel and publish back to Real Estate General Ledger.

Integrated Financial Management

Cross corporate financial control, visibility and comparisons



Key Benefits Include

  • Drill down capabilities to analyse and understand the details behind the big picture.
  • Manage multi level consolidations, multi-asset comparisons, as well as multi company accounting.
  • Track ownership arrangements and percentages.
  • Accommodate local and regional business operations while supporting global reporting and analysis.
  • Control the processing capabilities allowed at each location and limit access to sensitive information by user and groups of users.