Investor Relations Management

Investor visibility

A single portal for Investor communication and interaction

Key features include

  • Investor register
  • Property Funds register
  • Capital Contribution register
  • Capital Distribution register
  • Import/Export function linked to Contribution register
  • Import/Export function linked to Distribution register
  • Detailed Capital Contribution reports
  • Detailed Capital Distribution reports
  • Integrated mailing functionality
  • Seamless integration to Accounts payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Reports can be filtered or grouped per investor, fund, investment vehicle and property
  • All transactions are seamlessly integrated into the predefined AX account structures.


Investor Relations

Increased transparency by instantly and securely communicating with and disseminating information to investors around the world

Key Benefits Include

  • Instant and secure communication
  • Investor operations can be easily modelled and tracked regardless of structure or complexity.
  • Improved communication via automated emails to investors
  • Simplified investor self-help screens
  • User definable reports
  • Seamlessly integration with Real Estate back-office