Warranty Management

Integrated Warranty Management

Management of all product, OEM and service warranties.

Key features include

  • Warranty definitions per vehicle or truck type, supplier and service
  • Warranty definitions can be meter or calendar based
  • Multi-meter warranty definitions
  • Automatic warranty detection
  • Warranty register for asset specific warranty extensions
  • Claims register for all claims
  • Easy validation, tracking and status management of claims
  • Notifications and scheduled reports on claims, and the status thereof.
  • Approval process for warranty claims.

Integrated Warranty Management

Reduction of warranty costs by streamlining the claim registration and claim adjudication processes.



Key Benefits Include

  • Automated claims processes based on business rules and integrated data base.
  • Variety of warranty and claim types including; standard, extended, parts, services, used products, recalls, goodwill.
  • Reduced cycle time for claims processing, parts return, supplier recovery, and identification of emerging issues.
  • Faster processing by validating claims data and allowing richer content to be captured.
  • Reduced manual efforts involved in claims entry by integrating with maintenance and service order systems