Operations Management

Complete mobile visibility

Operational management of all mobile assets, including resources, trips, fuel, tyres, freight.

Key features include

  • Visibility on all assets in one or multiple companies across multiple geographies.
  • Easy navigation to assets by group, location, status or owner.
  • Graphical hierarchical view of assets
  • Graphical work planner display
  • Resource planning and allocation.
  • Auto generation of operational orders from operational forecast.
  • Documents and permits management
  • Notifications can be sent to internal and external resources
  • Plan and record revenue and costs such as labour, support equipment and fuel
  • Track raw material movements
  • Mobile integration for all onsite work.
  • Mobile acceptance and signoff of work orders.
  • Tracking asset operational availability, allocation and usage
  • Notifications and scheduled reports for reported failures, maintenance due and incidents reported.
  • Comprehensive history of related failures, incidents, maintenance and operations
  • Comprehensive asset or equipment management reports on utilisation
  • Route management

Optimised fleets

Planning and recording of asset operational activities for complete life cycle management.



Key Benefits Include

  • Simple, integrated scheduling of operational plan with related budgets
  • Route and trip visibility
  • Easy visibility of demand versus capacity
  • Easy visibility of actual versus planned utilisation
  • Multi meter utilisation feedback for integrated maintenance forecasting
  • Consumption tracking per time bucket
  • Complete asset and equipment life cycle management
  • Quick visibility on asset utilization and availability.