Driver Management

Driver Management

Ensure efficient and safe drivers.

Key features include

  • Identify specific personnel as drivers or equipment operators
  • One person can have multiple trades
  • Multi drivers for long trips
  • Manage divers licences and permits
  • Validate that only authorised or qualified personnel may drive specific vehicle types or operate specific equipment types
  • Validate that only suitable qualified personnel is allocated to operations or trips with specific requirements
  • Track hours, km’s per job, vehicle and route for drivers
  • Record and report driver statistics in terms of involvement in accidents or incidents
  • Record and report driver efficiency

Managing Drivers

Effective driver and operator utilisation

Key Benefits Include

  • Minimise mobile equipment accidents
  • Maximise trip and operation profitability
  • No expired licenses and permits
  • Training requirements visibility
  • Total visibility of driver performance
  • Statistics can be used for driver incentive schemes