Business Intelligence

Instant asset visibility

Fleet BI gives instant access to the current state of all mobile assets, related contracts, operations, maintenance activities and incidents

Key features include

  • Management dashboards for each user group
    • Fleet managers
    • Contract managers
    • System managers
    • Maintenance managers
  • Operational report including:
    • Contract monitoring
    • Maintenance monitoring
    • Operations monitoring
    • Mobile asset status
  • KPI reports such as:
    • Mobile asset availability analysis
    • Failure analysis
    • Defect analysis
    • Expense recoveries
    • Life cycle costing
    • Asset reliability analysis
    • Maintenance % of income

Instant information at a glance

Correct and timeous management information to enable managers to effectively manage their mobile assets.



Key Benefits Include

  • Managers have access to information instantaneously
  • Information available when needed for effective decision making
  • No waiting for reports at month end
  • Information is filtered per user group to ensure correct information for the right people.