Tyre Management

All-in-one Tyre Management

Maximise mobile asset availability and safety through effective tyre management.

Key features include

  • Easy identification of tyres and their fitted location
  • Manage tyre history by serial number and/or or fitted position
  • Tracking of each tyre through its life- cycle
  • Manage tyres according to expected life and current life
  • Multi-meter life monitoring – e.g. age and km
  • Tyre warranty and warranty extensions
  • Track and manage tyre reconditioning
  • Monitor tyre condition
  • Forecasting of scheduled inspections and maintenance
  • Seamless integration with stores

Easy monitoring of age and expected life of tyres

Reduction of tyre costs by effective stock and maintenance planning and condition monitoring.



Key Benefits Include

  • Maximise fleet availability.
  • Maintain quality and safety standards.
  • Minimise tyre cost
  • Maximise tyre service life