OHSE Compliance

OHSE Compliance

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) is increasingly playing a role in the operation of Asset portfolios. This module enables regulatory compliance.

Key features include

  • Safety inspection planning, execution and reporting.
  • Health inspection planning, execution and reporting.
  • Environment inspection planning, execution and reporting.
  • Incident recording and reporting.
  • Contingency planning and execution
  • Permit & Document Management
  • OHSE Collaboration
  • OHSE Content Support
  • Asset (Equipment/Personnel) Register
  • Incident Register across personnel, assets and environments.
  • Role driven deployment
  • Simple user interface
  • Regulatory reporting

Integrated OHSE is a must for any leading Asset Management player.

Purple Window EAM OHSE is everything you need to be ahead of the main stream.



Key Benefits Include

  • An OHSE solution which is running on the same platform as your ERP – 100% integrated with your backbone.
  • One central version of the truth.
  • Enablement and creation of an OHSE focused culture.
  • Easy to identify, register, manage and track all incidents throughout a centralized or decentralized organization.
  • Standardized OHSE management and reporting
  • Effective use of corporate resources.
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Improved stakeholder visibility