Life Cycle Costing

360 ̊ Asset Visibility

Budget and actually manage complete lifecycle costs of all assets.

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Key features include

  • Unlimited what-if scenarios
  • Ability to forecast all operational, contract and maintenance life cycle elements.
  • Ability to forecast all planned and unplanned maintenance inclusive of corrective, preventive, predictive, safety, and route inspections.
  • Graphical display of planned operations, contracts and maintenance events
  • Future visibility of spares, consumables, internal and external resource requirements.
  • Forecast according to various operational and maintenance calendars and non- work periods
  • Forecast events according to planned utilisation of assets
  • Forecasting scenarios set up for specific forecasting requirements in terms of asset type, owner, location, etc.
  • For assets on contract, future payment plans can be generated and actual payment be managed.
  • For operational and maintenance future events can be forecasted and actual occurrence be managed.

Better visibility through integrated planning and control

Effective forecasting of operations, maintenance and contract allocation for improved budgeting, monitoring and life cycle control.



Key Benefits Include

  • 360 ̊ view for an integrated total life cycle approach
  • Long term asset revenue, cost and replacement visibility.
  • Long term visibility and justification of all resource requirements
  • Integrated day-to-day budget vs actual revenue and cost management.
  • Reduced service cost through better planning
  • Increased useful life of assets
  • Real time service data visibility
  • Increased visibility through What-if simulations
  • Improved asset state and useful condition management.