Failure Management

Integrated failure and defect management.

Identification, validation and resolution of failures and the resultant failure analysis.

Key features include

  • Failure definitions per asset type
  • Integrated register for all failures
  • Rich detail recorded per failure including reported by, date, location, position, and meter readings.
  • Failure tracking and status management
  • Failure criticality matrix and auto priority allocation
  • Creation of maintenance or inspection work orders for failure validation and resolution
  • Auto feedback via integrated maintenance work orders
  • Defect definitions by failure type
  • Defect definition to cause and part number level
  • Defect analysis
  • Notifications and scheduled reports on failures, their frequency of failures, and defects.
  • Web based, mobile and cloud access
  • Auto failure creation via IoT integration

Single-point failure visibility

Improved communication and coordination between all asset and product lifecycle role players.



Key Benefits Include

  • Reduced manual efforts involved in failure entry by integration with maintenance and service order systems.
  • Repository of all registered failures and their outcomes.
  • Database for failure and reliability analysis.
  • Improved communication and coordination between customer, assembly house, part suppliers, design engineers
  • Integrated database for effective correlation between utilisation, failures, defects and resolutions