Cloud Maintenance And Tyre Management

Maintenance Management

Improve asset availability

Focus on delivering high asset availability for optimized utilization and revenue.

Cloud Maintenance And Tyre Management

Key features include

  • Compliance for services, inspections and maintenance.
  • Tasks can be allocated to available internal and external resources.
  • Comprehensive best practice (template) model for easy work order creation and budget vs actual comparison.
  • Corrective, planned and predictive maintenance.
  • Predictive maintenance triggered via electronic (IoT) or manual feedback.
  • Graphical work planner display
  • Cloud Maintenance and Tyre (Tire) Management
  • Resource planning and allocation.
  • Auto generation of work orders from maintenance and service forecast.
  • Documents and permits management
  • Notifications can be sent to internal and external resources
  • Plan and record revenue and costs such as raw material, spares, services, labour, support equipment and consumables
  • Mobile integration for all onsite work.
  • Mobile acceptance and signoff of work orders.
  • Planning of services such as cleaning, gardening and security
  • Budget and actual cost tracking and comparison
  • Comprehensive reports

Satisfied asset managers and clients

Integrated Maintenance Management ensures well maintained assets, satisfied clients, and improved team performance.



Key Benefits Include

  • Cost savings through integrated planning and improved resource allocation
  • Increased productivity through mobile technologies
  • Improved communication and customer satisfaction
  • Well maintained facilities resulting in higher availability, higher production and higher asset value
  • Complete integrated history records drives Industry compliance and safety
  • Real time tracking of workforce performance