Contract & SLA Management

One module for all contracts

Managing the entire contract life- cycle from cradle-to-grave.

Key features include

  • Support for Lease Contracts
  • Support for Rental Contracts
  • Support for Service Level Contracts (SLA)
  • Support for Maintenance and Repair Contracts (MARC)
  • Support for Vendor contracts
  • Best practice template model which simplify the creation of contracts and enforce standards
  • Extended list of calculation methods such as compound interest and penalties to support different contract scenarios
  • The lease model supports:
    • Master and child contracts
    • Different start and end dates for leases in a master lease.
    • Multi billing lines per contract
    • Payment holidays
    • Payment schedule and cash flow per lease
  • Access to lease information from mobile application.
  • Seamless integration with Maintenance, Projects, Inventory and Finance

Single-point visibility

The contracts management module enables single-point visibility



Key Benefits Include

  • Increase efficiency with an integrated, cross portfolio, cross asset type solution.
  • Control the entire lease lifecycle.
  • Bulk CPI Escalation updates
  • Support FASB compliance through automated lease accounting schedules
  • Track critical dates
  • Reduce costs via a common solution to manage leases and suppliers.
  • Automated payment tracking and visibility.
  • Increase communications across the organization via one integrated solution.
  • Increase lease pipeline visibility